My Handmade Process: Each design is sketched on paper, I hand stamp each letter one by one. A patina is added to the letters to darken for contrast. The finish whether is smooth or hammered is given. And lastly the cuffs and tags are then formed into it's shape. I carefuly select my gemstones, then I handweave them into my leather wrap bracelets. I also wire wrap my stones for my neckalces.


Orders need to be a minimum of $150
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Go to my products page, I have everything numbered and wholesale pricing is already in effect, so you can just put what you want in your cart.


Wholesale orders ship in 2-4 weeks. It can be faster, just depends on qty ordered. Feel free to email me any questions at


Depending on the size, I ship by USPS First Class or USPS priority. Both come with tracking.


My pricing is set in USD

All products are designed, hand stamped, formed, finished, and patinated in Canada by Clair Ashley

Metal is made in Canada and USA

Silk Ribbon is hand dyed and sewn in USA

Aluminum is pure food safe, and is non allergenic, great for customers with metal allergies. Aluminum will not tarnish.