Depending on size, please give me 1-2-3 weeks to complete your order. It is handmade, so things take time. 
Also note that shipping is not included in this time frame. 

*Business day does not include weekends or holidays. 

Will the letters be perfectly straight?

Each piece is hand-stamped by me, one by one.  That is why the lines are not perfectly straight, resulting in a handmade organic feel with character.  It makes every piece a one of a kind beauty!

Will you stamp profanity on a piece?

I'm a family friendly business, with my kids helping me, so I will not stamp profane language.

What if I'm not happy with my order?

Then contact me immediately, as I am all about customer service!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

What kind of metals are you using?

All my metals are lead free.  I use a range of metals from Pewter to Aluminum, Brass and Copper.  



Silk Ribbon:

Our hand dyed silks are easy to take care of.  Hand wash in cold water, mild detergent (woolite is a good one) straighten ribbons and lay flat to dry.  All silk has been put through a lengthy steaming process to assist in retaining their beautiful colours.  However, in every effort to maintain the beauty and vibrancy, it is impossible to truly colourfast silk.  This does not mean that your ribbons will run or transfer colour to other fibers, it means that the colour could fade over time.  Especially if immersed in pool water/saltwater.


​I use CANADIAN & USA MADE food safe pure aluminum.  Aluminum won't oxidize or turn your skin into different colours.  It can handle getting a bit of water on it.   It is essentially hypoallergenic and  is my go to metal for my clients with metal allergies.


I use USA MADE lead free pewter.  Pewter retains its polished surface longer if it is not worn while engaging in activities that can be hard on it, such as sports, heavy cleaning, or work that is tough on hand jewelry (if wearing bracelets or rings).  Cleaning pewter involves nothing more than mild soap, water, and a soft cloth.  Pewter polish is available but only a small amount should be used and as seldom as possible.  When storing pewter jewelry, wrap items in tissue paper or a soft cloth to ensure they last a long time.

Brass & Copper:

I use USA MADE jeweller's brass (looks like gold when polished) and I use pure copper.  Brass and copper will both oxidize to a dark matte finish, kind of an antiqued look. If you're not big on this look, you can polish it with a polish pad (you get a complimentary polish pad when you order a brass/copper piece from me).  If the metal gets wet, it will oxidize faster, so try to avoid water meeting your piece. (This includes perfumes & any other sprays.)  Both of these metals will turn your skin green. It's not permanent or painful, but some people dislike that, and if you're one of them, I suggest trying aluminum or pewter instead.  When not using, store in a closed bag, as it slows down oxidation.